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Pearson Home Moving review of Harlaxton Manor

Lets bring it back to the UK. Near the Nottingham, Linconshire the is a monor house that was built in the 1800’s.

It was used in the film The Haunting (1999) I can under stand why with its gothic exterior is the ideal setting for a horror movie.

You can visit this manor house any time through out the year. It is currently used a university campus but you can stay the night as a guess. The grounds are so big  they have wedding venues there to while the campus is open.

It is well worth the visit if you are into English heritage and Gothic architecture, Or if you are planning on getting married.



Pearsons top tip

Pearsons top tip…

This is just a little suvruy for to see where people would like to move too. If they had the choice.

Would you move to the UK,

Would you move to France,

Would you move to Spain,

Would you move to Sweden

Would you move to USA,

Would you move to Switzerland.

These are just a few examples of where you could move to.

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Pearson Home Moving In Derby

Pearson has traveled to Derby. I didnt think that there was much in Derby but I was wrong. It a proper good uni city. There are plenty of bars and resturants. Loads of students doing there thing. Also there is a massive Westfield there so you can spend loads of money.

Pearson home moving would recommend that you be carful where you park your car. Because there is loads of traffic wardens. But the is a car park called ParkSafe. This is the Safest carpark in Europe.


Pearson visits the Colosseum

I think this is a great picture of the  Colosseum  . I may have mentioned before that the Colosseum is a good place to visit in Rome.If you are going on holiday or moving over there. You should defo visit it. and the surround landmarks there.

Golden Gate Bridge

Lets take a visit to the states, We are heading to towards San Fransico. I have participial fond of the golden gate bridge. It a true engineering accomplished.

It is over 1900 meter long and 230 meters height.

The construction took place on January 5, 1933 and was finished April 19, 1937.

You only pay to use the toll road when you are heading south.

Thats Pearson fact of the day.

Westfield London

Westfield London

OMG it is massive and the architectural is simply amazing. Also for a nice change there is a section within the Westfield that is called the Viliage.

It is you top store like DKNY, Tiffany, Calvin Klein also there was a champayne bar. OMG how the other half live.

Great Court at the British Museum


Great Court at the British Museum


London, UK, 1994-2012

The courtyard at the heart of the British Museum is the largest enclosed public space in Europe. Its glazed canopy is a fusion of state-of-the-art engineering and economy of form. A new kind of public space – a cultural plaza – the Great Court resonates beyond the confines of the Museum to provide a new civic amenity for London.