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Pearson Home Moving Olympics logistical statistics

Interesting Summer Olympics logistical statistics:

The Games provides 14 million meals consisting of 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tons of potatoes, 82 tons of seafood, 31 tons of poultry items, 100 tons of meat, 75,000 liters of milk, 19 tons of eggs, 21 tons of cheese, and 330 tons of fruit/vegetables.


Pearson Home Moving Olympics Logistical Statistics

Interesting Summer Olympics logistical statistics:

UPS had to prepare and ship 4,283 whistles, 600 basketballs, 26,400 tennis balls, 15,000 computers and a couple hundred thousand chairs for the Olympic Games.

766 miles of fabric are needed for the Games Maker uniforms.

800,000 ticketed spectators will use public transport on the busiest day

One million square feet of warehouse space is needed for logistics.

There are 15,000 deliveries by a fleet of 300 trucks.


Pearson Home Moving Olympics logistical statistics.

Pearson Interesting Summer Olympics logistical statistics:

Over the next couple of days, we will be bringing you some Interesting Summer Olympics logistical statistics!

The two weeks of summer that everyone has been waiting for are finally here – The Olympic Games. Taking place in London, England this year, the Olympics is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. With this much national attention, a copious amount of detail and planning must go into the preparation of the Games. This entails a huge logistical challenge in how to overcome the mass transportation of products, athletes, workers and attendees to the London Olympics.

Place called Pearson in America

I was searching the internet for a place called Pearson.

I happen to find a place in Amercia called Pearson

The Population is: 39,464

Households: 15,826

Families: 10,979

Median Income: $42,559

Total Area:404 Sq. Miles

Municipality: Roxboro Township Districts:9 Allensville, Bushy Fork, Cunningham, Flat River, Holloway, Mt. Tirzah, Roxboro, Olive Hill and Woodsdale Person County offers a strategic location for business and industry, being within an hour’s drive of North Carolina’s two major economic centers, the Research Triangle Park (Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh) and the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point), and a two-hour drive of Richmond, Virginia. The county was named for General Thomas Person, a Revolutionary War Patriot, who made significant contributions to Person County and surrounding areas. He was a trustee of the University of North Carolina, donating large sums of money to the institution and being recognized by the construction of Person Hall.

The Big Apple

Lets take a trip over to the Big apple.

A few facts.

The current Major is Michael Bloomberg.  The temperature vary quite alot, in the winter the temperature can go down to -3 degrees and in the summer it can hit 30 degrees. They have a lot of snow over the year. It averages about 68 cm.

Also this is the home place to the statue of liberty. Thousands of tourist come and visit the island to see this great monument.



Pearson Trip to Vegas

Information about Vegas.

It was Established in 1905 and became a city on 1911.

The Main strip is currently 4.2 miles

Location Nevada desert

Current population 583.756

Temperatures can react a record high of 47 degrees.

New York



This is a lovely black and white picture of the New York Skyline.

Its your standard view but very effective.

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