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Great Court at the British Museum


Great Court at the British Museum


London, UK, 1994-2012

The courtyard at the heart of the British Museum is the largest enclosed public space in Europe. Its glazed canopy is a fusion of state-of-the-art engineering and economy of form. A new kind of public space – a cultural plaza – the Great Court resonates beyond the confines of the Museum to provide a new civic amenity for London.


Pearson Berlin population fact

Welcome to Berlin.

This is the capital Germany. The current population is 3,490,445 million.

The average low temp is 5.9 degrees and the average highs of 13 degrees.


The Big Apple

Lets take a trip over to the Big apple.

A few facts.

The current Major is Michael Bloomberg.  The temperature vary quite alot, in the winter the temperature can go down to -3 degrees and in the summer it can hit 30 degrees. They have a lot of snow over the year. It averages about 68 cm.

Also this is the home place to the statue of liberty. Thousands of tourist come and visit the island to see this great monument.



Pearson Adventures to Egypt

Its time to visit one of the wonders of the world. The great Pyramids are a truly outstanding sight. How they could build such a HUGE construction at that time is simply amazing. But they didnt just do one they did three of them. They have surely  stud the test of time.

Great adventures have been undertaken to uncover the  secrets of the ancients. If you don’t get chance to visit the great Pyramids. you can travel to the British museum in London. They have hundred of artifacts under one roof.


Pearson review of Dubai

Let visit on of the world most rapidly growing cities. This has become a place for holiday makers and business development.

This city has great weather. stunning reviews. Very clean. You have got to be aware of the cultures over because you done want to upset anyone.

The architecture of the buildings are quite something as you can tell from the world famous hotel. ( see image above).

It is an expensive place to visit from what ive been told. A couple of my fiends have been on honey moons there.

Pearson Trip to Vegas

Information about Vegas.

It was Established in 1905 and became a city on 1911.

The Main strip is currently 4.2 miles

Location Nevada desert

Current population 583.756

Temperatures can react a record high of 47 degrees.

Pearson trip to Australia

Its time to go to the other side of the world.  Australia  is an amazing country. I went the backpacking for a couple of months. I went with a couple of friends.  This was such an adventure. we hired a motor home and traveled across the Eastern coast.  We started at Melbourne and all the way up to Brisbane. We made so may friends on this trip and a few lady friends lol. This country is simply amazing. the atmosphere is great and the people are so laid back. Food was great plenty of great nights on the beach. I would defo do this again if I had the Cash.